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Armando Lucio, the son of portuguese immigrants, was born and grown up in Germany. He discovered his passion for music at a very early age. Besides rocking many years as DJ in various clubs, bars + dance halls, he founded his own band with his friends, when he was just 15 years old.

Over the years he founded a variety of other bands and thus gathered his experience as musician, composer and songwriter. He also was singer of the popacts "Close Up" (boygroup) and "F.A.M." (trio).

Afterwards he started a solo career and took part in several events and studio productions. With one producer he recorded some latin-pop tracks and had the chart-hit "No Bacalao". The video-clip for the song was made in Havana/Cuba. But at the end it was not the musical direction Armando really wanted to go.

Nowadays he is producing his music in his own studio. Rich Pop-music with electro and indie flavour. He also loves the energy of good house music and still loves to put the record on. Co-productions with House Dj´s and producers like „Jean-Claude Ades“ and „Gee & Lighter“ where part of his experience and where shown up in the charts.

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